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Pfizer $6 Mail-In Rebate

pfizerIf you’re planning on purchasing ThermaCare, Advil, Chapstick, Robitussin (Pfizer products) etc. There is a $6 Mail-In Rebate in the Redplum 1/27 insert. Currently there is a Extrabuck deal at CVS in this weeks for Pfizer products. Buy any TWO participating Phizer products, and receive $4 Extrabucks Rewards. Here’s a way to do the deal:

Buy 2 ThermaCare heat wraps $4.99 each and 2 Centrum Silver Multivitamins $6.99 each

Use: (2) $3 off any ONE Thermacare product (facebook coupon), , (2) $3.00 off any ONE Centrum Silver Multivitamin RP 1/6, (1) $5 off any TWO Centrum 100+ct CVS Coupon, Receive (2) $4 Extrabucks Rewards, Submit Pfizer $6 Mail-In Rebate RP 1/27

Final Cost: -$7.04 Money Maker

Send in receipts showing proof of purchase with Pfizer Mail-In Rebate from the RP 1/27. There are several ways to do this deal, this is just a recommendation you can always tweek it to your liking 🙂



Hey Everyone Welcome to my blog, for all deals and steals in the good ol' state of California! My name is Destiny (Yes that's my real name, not just a blogger name) and I'm a wife, a mother of two beautiful little girls, and a women with the drive to save money and stock up! The point of this is to make couponing fun and easy. Lets face the facts, the economy isn’t the best, and we need to cut corners financially in every way possible, right? You don’t have to be an extreme couponer to do so, savings is savings! Whether you choose to do one deal, or every single one I post, the point is…to keep money in your pocket! And if you get a stockpile out of it, well that’s just an added bonus ;) Anyways you’ve seen or heard of that show Extreme Couponing right? Well guess what? In California thats not necessarily realistic! The cost of living is high, as is tax in stores, probably one of the higest in the states. Don’t get me wrong, there are still alot of great deals out there, and that’s why I’m here, to tailor those deals to reality. And if people from other states are reading my blog…more then likely if you do the deal you’ll get it cheaper if not for free. But don’t be weary my CaliCouponCrazy’s there are still very cheap and FREE deals for us also! My page is not only for extreme couponing crazy ladies, but also for more conservative shoppers that don't mind saving a dollar or two! If you know anyone who has a need to save or may find any of my posts helpful, useful or just down right interesting, because I know...I'm a pretty interesting individual, please share my blog with them. Thank you and Enjoy!

14 thoughts on “Pfizer $6 Mail-In Rebate

  1. Definitely taking advantage of this; however, wanted you to know that the rebate form says that Chapstick is excluded. FYI. Love shopping at CVS with all of their ExtraBucks. I just purchased 2-Advil’s and 1 Thermacare which should have cost me $15. I had a total of $3 in manufacturer’s coupons, plus $2 in CVS coupons for pain relief then got $4 in ExtraBucks. Love it. Good luck @JaniceKMeek

  2. I’ve got a question about mailing in the rebate — it says the “original UPC codes”. Does this mean cut them off the box and mail them in? Or does “original” just mean the unique codes for each?

  3. darn I didn’t get the rebate form in my paper. I’d be willing to trade some coupons for one because I buy the Advil Congestion and the Thermacare on a regular basis! Please email me and see if we can work something out! thanks! stealmagnolia(dot)deals(at)gmail(dot)com

    1. Hmmm I’m not quite sure about this one. Because the rebate says limit one rebate per name per household. So to me that sounds like if you have multiple of age adults in your house they can each send one in. I will tell you that I’ve sent in mail-in rebates one in my name and one in my husbands and in most cases received two rebates back one in each name. However most recently, I sent in one to P&G, one in my name and one in my husbands name and only received one back in my name. Which was strange because the p&G rebate before i received one for each of us. So i don’t know the whole process seems fickle. But it says one per name per household, so i dunno.

    1. The only way to get it online would to be ordering one thru eBay. They were issued in the Sunday coupons. It wasn’t a printable one unfortunately. However I love using eBay to order coupons off of. So im sure you can find the Pfizer coupon on there for cheaper then the paper would have cost you.

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